Clip Studio Studies

Collection of studies and doodles done once I got clip studio paint, the most comfortable drawing app I’ve ever used. It’ been a blessing, plus a found a nice pencil brush. Getting more comfortable with the shapes of the bodies. This is pretty much near the end of my addy run lol

tackling hands, learned a lot.




55 Addies

Collection of studies while I had addy. Learned a ton and overthought quite a bit. Lots of anatomy, posing, gesture type shit. learned that learning how some of the muscles and stuff work make a big difference in learning how to draw them.  From Sept-Oct


I started out doing the same dumb shit I usually did when I tried to study, which is basically copying an image. I didn’t learn shit from this. Still suck at hair and clothes and most everything but yeah.

Thankfully, I stopped bullshitting myself early on and didn’t waste too much addy. From here I started trying to learn the shapes of what I was drawing, understanding how muscles, joints, planes of the face etc actually worked. Not much here is pretty but It was a lot of figuring stuff out. Plenty of failure here too as too many times I fell back on copying a pose or a face and 10 layers later ending up with nothing.











Faces, the thing I’m most comfortable drawing yet feel so far away from nailing, collection of faces off pinterest, didn’t learn much, guess why.