Okay We Byke

First off, let’s get the bullshit out of the way. Wasted Monday and Tuesday. Barely studied. Although I did do a naruto doodle that got over 3k upvotes on reddit so that was cool. Maybe I’ll get a commission or two out of it.

jraiyaand ahruto2018-12-26 23_59_25-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

During my Dayjob today I put together a schedule, I’ve got no excuses now. Got 4 hours of solid studying tonight, woo! As always, the drawing with the “A” is done without ref.

2018-12-26 23_53_07-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2018-12-26 23_58_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2018-12-27 00_00_22-CLIP STUDIO PAINT


THe figure studies wen’t well, learned some stuff with the pelvis at sitting position. Hair studies were ehh, curly hair is hard.




I figured after the time spent studying faces I figured I’d go back to the skull to help with imagining heads/faces from imagination. The refresher was needed. Top is study, bottom is imagination. Need to work on the nose, can’t get the shapes right, I can’t really invent them well from my head.


Perspective struggles and a face.

More perspective stuff. Discovered David Chelsea’s perspective book, I like it a lot. It’s presented as a comic so it’s 10000x more digestible than Scott Robertson’s book.  A couple basic stuff still rally confound me. Determining the cone of vision and view point/station point. Also Fuck 3 point perspective, don’t curr. Not a lot to show because a lot is just reading and trying to make sense of it in my head. Tried drawing a one point perspective scene but then I realized I’ve never really drawn still life objects. Welp, identifying a ton of holes in my game. Can’t wait till I figure out how to incorporate these cubes into drawing humans.


Ide objective this week, expressions/smiles/teeth. I’m ass at that but I think a few hours of practice could get me somewhere, I’ll probably tackle this over the weekend.