7/1 through 7/10 write-up

2019-07-18 21_11_34-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Not sure what to say other than sitting poses and shit is hard lol. Failure of a night, fucked these up then went straight to procrastinating. 

2019-07-18 21_08_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

just a couple faces from imagination. I like the first one tbh. 

2019-07-18 21_13_40-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Hands continue to be frustratingly hard lol. FInger and fingernail shapes kill me. 

2019-07-18 21_14_32-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

from some thread on /ic. Trash. 

2019-07-18 21_15_05-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

More hand studies and a clothes/fabric study. 

2019-07-18 21_15_55-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

figure/gesture studies. Pretty self explanatory. 

2019-07-18 21_16_58-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

Figure study on the left. Me trying to figure out knees on the right. Still not too sure about how to draw them/simplify the shape. 

2019-07-18 21_18_06-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More Cloth/Fabric studies. Honestly, much harder than I expected. Always figured once I get comfortable with the human form clothes would be an after thought, fucking nope lol. Can’t wait for this to click, right now it’s just frustrating every time. Just gotta keep brute forcing it and reading up material I guess. 

2019-07-18 21_19_44-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

More figure studies, always avoided drawing the figure from the back, figured it was time to stop doing that lol. 

2019-07-18 21_21_38-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

More of the same really. Should have followed these up immediately with some doodles from imagination. 

2019-07-18 21_22_56-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

the smiley says it all.

2019-07-18 21_23_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Been a while since I studied portraits. 

2019-07-18 21_24_31-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

From imagination. 2stiff.

2019-07-18 21_25_11-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

Fuck folds. Straight up.

2019-07-18 21_26_18-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

This Naruto doodle is the result of me lowering opacity and redrawing about 4 times. Sitting pose + folds? fuck my shit up fam.

2019-07-18 21_27_54-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

As of writing this post, this is my last study that I did.

At the beginning of last week I actually scheduled a day off from my dayjob on Friday so I could really put my shit in high gear-studying wise. Went to bed thursday all night with full intention to study my ass off the next day.

Woke up at 4am with the worst headache plus sore threat I’ve ever had, which developed into the worst cold/flu I ever had, this went on through the week, just my luck. Monday? this developed into awful congestion and fucked up sinuses.  Missed more days of work, spent out my ass for a doctor’s visit + antibiotics.

FInally, things have cleared up. So I’m back to drawing. If all goes well, I’ll be posting on Sunday night with a ton of studies I do over the weekend, *crosses fingers*.