I Am Struggling

Last week I mentioned that I might juggle anatomy/perspective practice through the week. That didn’t work out, it’s been all perspective practice and it is has been BAAAAAAAD.

Nothing I’ve drawn has exposed my terrible draftsmanship more than perspective. It makes me feel so stupid. How could I ever have hoped to master something as complex as the human form if I can’t construct simple shapes in perspective? smh.

New plan, try to get my head around linear perspective and all the basic construction techniques. I’m juggling a few different books: Framed Perspective, Perspective Made Easy, Perspective Drawing Handbook and another one I can’t remember. It’s obvious I won’t be getting the most out of learning anything regarding figures until I figure this shit out.

One thing that came to mind late this evening is that I should be reading the theory first before drawing. Maybe trying to do both at the same time is fucking me over? I’ll test this out tomorrow by reading the chapters of whatever book I’ll be studying from during any free moments in the work day.

This week’s trash:

Weiiird Week

Studied everyday but it was a struggle. I’ve mentioned wanting to tackle perspective after anatomy. Well, I figure if I’m so afraid of it, fuck it, started on Friday. Tackled Scott Robertson’s How To Draw. The same book and topic that pretty much made me stop drawing for three months lol. I can report that I fared much better this time. Made it 4 chapters into his book by Saturday, either I’m dumb(probably) or this book really glosses over perspective basics and is structured very strangely. He’ll instruct you to construct something on page 31, that he doesn’t explain how to contruct until 50 pages later.

Anyways, wasn’t fucking with the book at all, so I went to a often recommended perspective book, Perspective Made Easy. Faaaaaaar more digestible, Robertson comes off as a robot in comparison. I don’t know if I’ll do perspective studies for weekends or mix them in throughout the week. We’ll see by next week I guess.

Anatomy Studies, turns out like all other anatomy, legs and necks are tough as fuck:

Scott Robertson stuff

Perspective Made Easy stuff:

4 months in

Haven’t given up yet. Not much else to say. Torso’s still tough, started on the neck. Speaking of the torso, it’s really the 3d form of it that kills me. Like someone bending over might be the most intimidating pose ever lol. Anyways, 141 hours of study in April. Lets see if I can top that in May.

I like this face.