Big Dump

Aight, been a minute since I updated the blog. Directly after my last post I went into another extra lazy slump but I didn’t let the ~3 week slump turn into ~3 months like last time lol. 

2019-10-05 05_01_51-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Redrew an old face I doodled back in 2013. I like the improvement tbh ngl

2019-10-05 05_02_11-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-10-05 05_02_24-CLIP STUDIO PAINTRandom doodle I actually like a lot. Tried to go for a different look for the face structure than the usual I default to. I might go back to once I git good.  2019-10-05 05_02_41-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Half-assed Hampton hand and feet studies. 2019-10-05 05_02_54-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Some half ass bare assed figure studies. 

The next batch of images are pulled from a psd titled “fuckshit week” I was studying half assedly for 1.5 hours max intermittently, basically nothing. 

Practically nothing to say about these. 

The next batch are from a PSD titled, “fuckshit week 2”. These lazy slumps are like quicksand….

Alright since that’s through, here’s me actually getting back into the groove of things. note:everything white-filled is drawing with no ref/imagination. 

 I really enjoyed drawing Joel from the last of us, this was before the reveal date trailer released, I was just trying to guess what he might look like in the sequel. I guess C was kinda close? 

The next batch is where I really started getting on top of things(also got laid off of my 9-5 dayjob but I got another one). Really trying to focus and apply my studies every session and consistently studying everyday.

2019-10-05 05_53_45-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Studying leg bones and knees, knees are really fucking tricky. still don’t have a hand on their structure tbh. 2019-10-05 05_54_30-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

no more running from hands so I started just drawing a ton of em. 2019-10-05 05_54_39-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Went back and studied the hands section from Hampton’s book trying to get a grip on how to approach the structure. 2019-10-05 05_54_52-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More hands. 

2019-10-05 05_55_02-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Croquis Cafe figure drawing. 

2019-10-05 05_55_12-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More Hands!2019-10-05 05_55_21-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Figure Drawing and more hands!2019-10-05 05_55_38-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Going back to what I think helps the most, drawing a figure from reference and immediately trying to replicate it with no ref, this isn’t me going of memory, it’s trying to build the same pose mechanically. 2019-10-05 05_55_51-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Trying more sources on figure drawing, bridgman and vilppu. 

2019-10-05 05_56_03-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More figure drawing.2019-10-05 05_56_18-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Trying to break the torso down. I really want to understand how to draw that upper torso area because it’s so important for dynamic poses. 2019-10-05 05_56_29-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

me honestly trying my best to understand Hampton’s breakdowns. Before I just half assedly did them because I assumed I already knew it but I needed to drop the pretense and give it my all. 2019-10-05 05_56_40-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More toros/figure studies. 

2019-10-05 05_56_52-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Still going through hampton. 2019-10-05 05_57_04-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

You know the deal.2019-10-05 05_57_15-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

I don’t know if writing notes help or not but I do it there and now. 2019-10-05 05_57_28-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Same as above. Like the naruto doodle actually, the proportions, hands and torso are off but i don’t think i would have been able to doodle that without ref before. Also, notice so far I’m not shying away from drawing the hands like I did before! but I’m still ignoring the feet….2019-10-05 05_57_50-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Decided to stop ignoring the feet and went through the foot section in Hampton’s book.

2019-10-05 05_58_03-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Studied some of the limb positions I usually have issues with, slacked off and didn’t reproduce any from memory so I don’t think  these studies stuck with me. 2019-10-05 05_58_14-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More figures. 

2019-10-05 05_58_26-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Figures and feet!

2019-10-05 05_58_37-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Bojack Horseman is pretty good. 

2019-10-05 05_59_39-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

And here we are, up to date, drew feet for 4 hours! and a naruto doodle.2019-10-05 05_59_50-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Collection of doodles between the studies. 

Let’s keep this up!

mildly successful night


More Michael Hampton anatomy studies. Lower half this time.

2019-08-08 01_14_49-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

idk, feels like the pelvis stuff helped.

2019-08-08 01_13_24-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Figure drawing on the left. Felt a bit more confident in drawing but I don’t know, it’s wasn’t a super tough pose. Second pose is from imagination, little more confident but the proportions are wonky but idk. the struggle continues.


aye, 3 hours back to back nights.


Took my advice from yesterday and studied anatomy.

2019-08-07 02_35_31-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

2 hours of torso/arms anatomy from michael hampton’s book.

2019-08-07 02_37_39-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Hour of clothes/folds studies. Still lost af.

2019-08-07 02_38_22-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

10 minutes doodle from imagination because I’m sleepy af becuase I’m laxy af and started studying 2 hours later than I should have.


3+ hours tonight. Hey, we’re making progress.