On to the inclined planes section of the Olson series whooooooooo

Doodles and such from the past week, two of them are portrait studies, not hard to tell which ones.

I don’t draw in it much, but these are some scribbles from an actual physical sketchbook, found some red pencils at work

Big Dump

Aight, been a minute since I updated the blog. Directly after my last post I went into another extra lazy slump but I didn’t let the ~3 week slump turn into ~3 months like last time lol. 

2019-10-05 05_01_51-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Redrew an old face I doodled back in 2013. I like the improvement tbh ngl

2019-10-05 05_02_11-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-10-05 05_02_24-CLIP STUDIO PAINTRandom doodle I actually like a lot. Tried to go for a different look for the face structure than the usual I default to. I might go back to once I git good.  2019-10-05 05_02_41-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Half-assed Hampton hand and feet studies. 2019-10-05 05_02_54-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Some half ass bare assed figure studies. 

The next batch of images are pulled from a psd titled “fuckshit week” I was studying half assedly for 1.5 hours max intermittently, basically nothing. 

Practically nothing to say about these. 

The next batch are from a PSD titled, “fuckshit week 2”. These lazy slumps are like quicksand….

Alright since that’s through, here’s me actually getting back into the groove of things. note:everything white-filled is drawing with no ref/imagination. 

 I really enjoyed drawing Joel from the last of us, this was before the reveal date trailer released, I was just trying to guess what he might look like in the sequel. I guess C was kinda close? 

The next batch is where I really started getting on top of things(also got laid off of my 9-5 dayjob but I got another one). Really trying to focus and apply my studies every session and consistently studying everyday.

2019-10-05 05_53_45-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Studying leg bones and knees, knees are really fucking tricky. still don’t have a hand on their structure tbh. 2019-10-05 05_54_30-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

no more running from hands so I started just drawing a ton of em. 2019-10-05 05_54_39-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Went back and studied the hands section from Hampton’s book trying to get a grip on how to approach the structure. 2019-10-05 05_54_52-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More hands. 

2019-10-05 05_55_02-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Croquis Cafe figure drawing. 

2019-10-05 05_55_12-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More Hands!2019-10-05 05_55_21-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Figure Drawing and more hands!2019-10-05 05_55_38-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Going back to what I think helps the most, drawing a figure from reference and immediately trying to replicate it with no ref, this isn’t me going of memory, it’s trying to build the same pose mechanically. 2019-10-05 05_55_51-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Trying more sources on figure drawing, bridgman and vilppu. 

2019-10-05 05_56_03-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More figure drawing.2019-10-05 05_56_18-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Trying to break the torso down. I really want to understand how to draw that upper torso area because it’s so important for dynamic poses. 2019-10-05 05_56_29-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

me honestly trying my best to understand Hampton’s breakdowns. Before I just half assedly did them because I assumed I already knew it but I needed to drop the pretense and give it my all. 2019-10-05 05_56_40-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More toros/figure studies. 

2019-10-05 05_56_52-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Still going through hampton. 2019-10-05 05_57_04-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

You know the deal.2019-10-05 05_57_15-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

I don’t know if writing notes help or not but I do it there and now. 2019-10-05 05_57_28-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Same as above. Like the naruto doodle actually, the proportions, hands and torso are off but i don’t think i would have been able to doodle that without ref before. Also, notice so far I’m not shying away from drawing the hands like I did before! but I’m still ignoring the feet….2019-10-05 05_57_50-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Decided to stop ignoring the feet and went through the foot section in Hampton’s book.

2019-10-05 05_58_03-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Studied some of the limb positions I usually have issues with, slacked off and didn’t reproduce any from memory so I don’t think  these studies stuck with me. 2019-10-05 05_58_14-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More figures. 

2019-10-05 05_58_26-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Figures and feet!

2019-10-05 05_58_37-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Bojack Horseman is pretty good. 

2019-10-05 05_59_39-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

And here we are, up to date, drew feet for 4 hours! and a naruto doodle.2019-10-05 05_59_50-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Collection of doodles between the studies. 

Let’s keep this up!

Happy New Year!

Well, weekend didn’t go so well, but NOT because I was lazy. My toilet broke! so most of my weekend was spent repairing it, happy to say that I did better than Frasier and Niles. Anyways, some shit I was able to get done.

2019-01-01 11_59_00-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-01-01 11_58_28-CLIP STUDIO PAINTNeji


If my toilet stays not-broke, I should get a ton done today.

Okay We Byke

First off, let’s get the bullshit out of the way. Wasted Monday and Tuesday. Barely studied. Although I did do a naruto doodle that got over 3k upvotes on reddit so that was cool. Maybe I’ll get a commission or two out of it.

jraiyaand ahruto2018-12-26 23_59_25-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

During my Dayjob today I put together a schedule, I’ve got no excuses now. Got 4 hours of solid studying tonight, woo! As always, the drawing with the “A” is done without ref.

2018-12-26 23_53_07-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2018-12-26 23_58_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2018-12-27 00_00_22-CLIP STUDIO PAINT


THe figure studies wen’t well, learned some stuff with the pelvis at sitting position. Hair studies were ehh, curly hair is hard.



Weekend Studies

It’s December smh. Focused on stuff I was weak at in the face, noses, downwards face angle(particularly troublesome)and mouths. Could have gotten more done if I wasn’t so lazy.

And a few faces from imagination!

This week I want to focus on hair while studying angles and faces. I just want to have a somewhat decent grasp on constructing faces as a whole soon. I feel like I’m close. It’s just those fucking eyes man, fuck.