october was a blurr

hope this blog survives the ps5 launch. been mixing up some timed studies here and there. spending an hour on a single hand sometimes is worse than an hour spent drawing 5 hands. You end up just massaging the lines instead of nailing and memorizing the forms.

update & some thoughts

sort of near the finishing stretch of the last 20-25 hours of the olson course that I feel is pertinent to what I wanna do. I’ve been returning to the anatomy studies(and i needed to because wow the knee was foreign) as of late as I’ve been doing way too many perspective diagrams and wanted to do something a bit more satisfies me a bit more at the end of the night.

I’ve also been listening and watching a few of the Watts Atelier demos and streams on YouTube. The idea of putting as much thought in the construction layout as you do when defining and refining forms and shapes is something I’m probably gonna explore. My construction is pretty shitty. The idea of working things out and not having to constantly readjust angles and proportion as I usually do when drawing is enticing af.

I’m not sure if I need to or should mention, but all doodles are done without reference/from imagination, like these below:

By the end of September my goal is to have a basic understanding of perspective in theory, which i think was the biggest gap in my knowledge base. Then in October, start a more structured regimen of object/still life/landscapes/portrait/figure drawing.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but me being ‘ready’ isn’t some vague goal, the goal of all this studying is to be able to create a commercial illustration(and possible concept/visdev) portfolio that is a tier above industry standard work in hopes of becoming a freelance artist. I think I’m a pretty good judge of where I am and what the industry standard level of work is. I’m far from it.

I don’t go to school, I have a 40 hour/week dayjob that has nothing to do with art, I’m not super disciplined(but much more than I was), I don’t have a mentor or art friends, I’m broke, the more I’ve studied this year, the more holes I’ve discovered in my ability, the farther away the goal gets, this has been the most productive year in my life and I’ve still wasted a frustratingly large amount of time but at the same time, a life where I’m able to draw to make a living instead of a shitty dayjob seems more and more achievable so I’ll stick with it 🙂


On to the inclined planes section of the Olson series whooooooooo

Doodles and such from the past week, two of them are portrait studies, not hard to tell which ones.

I don’t draw in it much, but these are some scribbles from an actual physical sketchbook, found some red pencils at work

7/1 through 7/10 write-up

2019-07-18 21_11_34-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Not sure what to say other than sitting poses and shit is hard lol. Failure of a night, fucked these up then went straight to procrastinating. 

2019-07-18 21_08_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

just a couple faces from imagination. I like the first one tbh. 

2019-07-18 21_13_40-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Hands continue to be frustratingly hard lol. FInger and fingernail shapes kill me. 

2019-07-18 21_14_32-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

from some thread on /ic. Trash. 

2019-07-18 21_15_05-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

More hand studies and a clothes/fabric study. 

2019-07-18 21_15_55-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

figure/gesture studies. Pretty self explanatory. 

2019-07-18 21_16_58-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

Figure study on the left. Me trying to figure out knees on the right. Still not too sure about how to draw them/simplify the shape. 

2019-07-18 21_18_06-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

More Cloth/Fabric studies. Honestly, much harder than I expected. Always figured once I get comfortable with the human form clothes would be an after thought, fucking nope lol. Can’t wait for this to click, right now it’s just frustrating every time. Just gotta keep brute forcing it and reading up material I guess. 

2019-07-18 21_19_44-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

More figure studies, always avoided drawing the figure from the back, figured it was time to stop doing that lol. 

2019-07-18 21_21_38-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

More of the same really. Should have followed these up immediately with some doodles from imagination. 

2019-07-18 21_22_56-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

the smiley says it all.

2019-07-18 21_23_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Been a while since I studied portraits. 

2019-07-18 21_24_31-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

From imagination. 2stiff.

2019-07-18 21_25_11-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

Fuck folds. Straight up.

2019-07-18 21_26_18-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

This Naruto doodle is the result of me lowering opacity and redrawing about 4 times. Sitting pose + folds? fuck my shit up fam.

2019-07-18 21_27_54-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

As of writing this post, this is my last study that I did.

At the beginning of last week I actually scheduled a day off from my dayjob on Friday so I could really put my shit in high gear-studying wise. Went to bed thursday all night with full intention to study my ass off the next day.

Woke up at 4am with the worst headache plus sore threat I’ve ever had, which developed into the worst cold/flu I ever had, this went on through the week, just my luck. Monday? this developed into awful congestion and fucked up sinuses.  Missed more days of work, spent out my ass for a doctor’s visit + antibiotics.

FInally, things have cleared up. So I’m back to drawing. If all goes well, I’ll be posting on Sunday night with a ton of studies I do over the weekend, *crosses fingers*.