Head Rotation.

This is pretty straight forward. Bottom is from ref(posemaniacs/handviewer) top is from imagination/applying what I learned. I wish these posts were filled with a lot more drawings like you see in a lot improvement blogs/sketchbooks but it is what it is. These slower, more deliberate studies help me more. As I learn more, the more I have to re-learn. Vicious cycle blah blah. 3.5 hours(Wasted hella time).  

Chin xp+
Ear XP+

Sidenote: lol what was the point of putting the date in the blog entries before? All the posts are dated. 

11/28/2018: My Face, My Neck….uhhh

Got in about 3.5 hours of studying tonight because my dumbass started late due to playing red dead online(traaaash) and now it’s 3 am and I gotta wake up in 4 hours SMH

Face study turned out alright. making progress on getting the eyes and jaws right without reference. I tend to default to heavy browed eyes. I want to start drawing sharper eyes, I think I should start drawing the bottom lid first to correct that. I wanna get in a ton more studies over the weekend and get into expressions and relearn the other angles as well. Rendering too.

Neck study. Been avoiding learning the muscles on the neck for the longest and this clears a lot for things up, definitely gonna study some more on this. 

11/27/2018 Studies: A face and a Pose

Tonight’s studies. Lesson of the night: slow the fuck down. Right now, I don’t need to worry about doing a ton of studies that I don’t learn a lot from but take things slowly and absorb as much as I can from the reference/study.   

My most successful face to date. I think the one done without any reference competes, maybe even looks better than the study. The eyes are getting closer to where I want them to be. Still gotta work on the lips/jaw/brow. But I’m happy with this lol, rather than spending 25 min on each, I spent an hour or so on each, really tried to analyse the decisions being made. 

A pose/anatomy/gesture study. The one done without reference came out alright. I need to study:

-rotation of the torso and hips
-rib  cage and pelvis. 

11/25/2018 – 11/26/2018 Face Studies.

I think this is the best way I learn. Taking my time to study from reference, analyzing why each line is whee it is, then immediately applying the study without looking at any references. 

1a is with reference, b is without reference. As you can see, this started out like shit. I think the main issue with my faces is that they’re too sharp, old habits from not studying and drawing tons of anime/manga dudes I guess. The eyes and jaw fuck everything up here. 

This went a bit better, still looks too strong/dudish. I recognized that I needed to take this slower. 

besides the fucked up eyes: neck is formless, eyebrows fucked up, an improvement but ugh.

Probably my most successful of the night. Eyes are still off, I like/hate the nose Face is probably still too long, cheeks and brows are too exaggerated. Gotta keep that in mind going forward . But progress, I suppose. ALl this is probably about 4-5 hours of work. I need to get more done. Tomorrow!

Sidenote: Construction/Draftsmanship is so important, wish I focused on that earlier.


Taking us all the way to the end of the preblog run. I’m focusing on faces now, I’m most comfortable with them but I can’t get them right. I’m fucking up on the eyes/jaw. Studies below, I started off with the right idea, study and then immediately trying to apply the study but then I wandered off.

Clip Studio Studies

Collection of studies and doodles done once I got clip studio paint, the most comfortable drawing app I’ve ever used. It’ been a blessing, plus a found a nice pencil brush. Getting more comfortable with the shapes of the bodies. This is pretty much near the end of my addy run lol

tackling hands, learned a lot.





Collection of studies. Learned a ton and overthought quite a bit. Lots of anatomy, posing, gesture type shit. learned that learning how some of the muscles and stuff work make a big difference in learning how to draw them.  From Sept-Oct


I started out doing the same dumb shit I usually did when I tried to study, which is basically copying an image. I didn’t learn shit from this. Still suck at hair and clothes and most everything but yeah.

 From here I started trying to learn the shapes of what I was drawing, understanding how muscles, joints, planes of the face etc actually worked. Not much here is pretty but It was a lot of figuring stuff out. Plenty of failure here too as too many times I fell back on copying a pose or a face and 10 layers later ending up with nothing.



Faces, the thing I’m most comfortable drawing yet feel so far away from nailing, collection of faces off pinterest, didn’t learn much, guess why.