tonight’s shit, let’s go 2019

I actually think I made progress towards understanding the standing figure. The Key was really visualizing the angle that the pelvis rests at. It’s hard to explain but thinking that the legs kinda sorta site behind, or really at an angle against the torso really helps. Alo some cloth stuff, shapes are crazy. Think I might just tart copying other artists’ shortcuts for folds/drapery.

2019-01-03 01_02_32-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-01-03 01_02_22-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-01-03 01_02_06-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-01-03 01_01_44-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Happy New Year!

Well, weekend didn’t go so well, but NOT because I was lazy. My toilet broke! so most of my weekend was spent repairing it, happy to say that I did better than Frasier and Niles. Anyways, some shit I was able to get done.

2019-01-01 11_59_00-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2019-01-01 11_58_28-CLIP STUDIO PAINTNeji


If my toilet stays not-broke, I should get a ton done today.