Pushing Past Roadblocks

For pretty much the past 2 months I’ve been attempting to learn linear perspective. Somewhere in that journey I decided, I’m not going to to do anything else until I can draw cubes in perspective, completely freehand, no horizon line, no vanishing points. That was dumb, lol.

For the one or two people that follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’m stubborn and get stuck on things pretty easily. Earlier this year it was anatomy, now it’s cubes. Why do I do this to myself? who knows/who cares. The very idea of it was stupid. Who am I to decide that I won’t continue to learn anything else until I learn this very specific skill that only a few artists alive, who have put in 1000x the hours that I have can just about do? I don’t make money off my art and I don’t even have a portfolio, I’m an idiot. I’ve got my whole life to continue to get better at freehand perspective and even the best of the best like Kim Jung Gi, only gets it about 70-80% right. So I’m off that and over the last week or so, have been trying to progress through the rest of my perspective learning through Joseph D’Amelio’s book and Framed Perspective, to decent results.

Since unfucking my brain, my work ethic is pretty much back to what it was pre-cubes, so that’s good. Here’s everything since my last post.

Stairs are a bitch.


long story short. Still can’t do freehand cubes. Bought a PS4 for Last of us II, beat it and loved it, didnt draw for 4 days. Returned PS4. Back to struggling. fml. More cubes for your viewing pleasure. I gotta be doing something wrong lol