mildly successful night


More Michael Hampton anatomy studies. Lower half this time.

2019-08-08 01_14_49-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

idk, feels like the pelvis stuff helped.

2019-08-08 01_13_24-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Figure drawing on the left. Felt a bit more confident in drawing but I don’t know, it’s wasn’t a super tough pose. Second pose is from imagination, little more confident but the proportions are wonky but idk. the struggle continues.


aye, 3 hours back to back nights.


Took my advice from yesterday and studied anatomy.

2019-08-07 02_35_31-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

2 hours of torso/arms anatomy from michael hampton’s book.

2019-08-07 02_37_39-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Hour of clothes/folds studies. Still lost af.

2019-08-07 02_38_22-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

10 minutes doodle from imagination because I’m sleepy af becuase I’m laxy af and started studying 2 hours later than I should have.


3+ hours tonight. Hey, we’re making progress.

2019-08-06 01_12_32-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Start of the week! Let’s see if I can stick to the checklist I thought up in my last post. Pictured above is 30 minutes of timed gestures and 1 hour of figure drawing. We’re on track! I’m having so much trouble with these forms that I’m thinking I should study the anatomy more directly. So, after this blazing start what did I do? I procrastinated for the next 7 hours haha fuck me!

Welp, the night wasn’t a complete failure, I was able to do 35 minutes of folds studies:

2019-08-06 01_12_18-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

So I got like ~40% of the checklist done. Let’s try again tomorrow!

lazy fuck update

It’s so easy to fall off the wagon. So easy. Basically didn’t draw shit for a week. The routine is obvious by now, waste time during the week, make it okay by promising to make up for it during the weekend, be a lazy fuck and don’t do jack shit. Well almost jack shit, managed to kick myself to get 3 hours in Sunday night.

a first for the blog, went through a couple pages from barbara bradley’s clothed figure book in a sketchbook while at work.

2019-08-05 03_55_54-CLIP STUDIO PAINT.png

more figure drawing and timed gestures. still ass at the torso, still ass at tits and ass, still ass at the lower body etc etc.

2019-08-05 03_56_31-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

lazy fuck time skip. this is what i did last night, more figure drawing more of the same shit plus I was rusty from being a lazy fuck. I think I need to come up with a more practical schedule, i adhered to that schedule i posted a while back for like a week.

something like:

30 minutes of timed gestures

1 hour of figure drawing(dont avoid hands/feet)

1 hour of cloth/fabric/folds study.

1 hour of portraits/faces.

1 hour of drawing from imagination.

5 hours a night, it’s totally doable and not super stressful but im a lazy fuck so yeah, lol.