Okay We Byke

First off, let’s get the bullshit out of the way. Wasted Monday and Tuesday. Barely studied. Although I did do a naruto doodle that got over 3k upvotes on reddit so that was cool. Maybe I’ll get a commission or two out of it.

jraiyaand ahruto2018-12-26 23_59_25-CLIP STUDIO PAINT

During my Dayjob today I put together a schedule, I’ve got no excuses now. Got 4 hours of solid studying tonight, woo! As always, the drawing with the “A” is done without ref.

2018-12-26 23_53_07-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2018-12-26 23_58_43-CLIP STUDIO PAINT2018-12-27 00_00_22-CLIP STUDIO PAINT


THe figure studies wen’t well, learned some stuff with the pelvis at sitting position. Hair studies were ehh, curly hair is hard.




I figured after the time spent studying faces I figured I’d go back to the skull to help with imagining heads/faces from imagination. The refresher was needed. Top is study, bottom is imagination. Need to work on the nose, can’t get the shapes right, I can’t really invent them well from my head.


Lazy Wednesday

Procrastinating, lack of focus etc. I promise I’ll get 4 studies done tomorrow night to make up for today SMH. MOre hair studies, the more complicated the hairstyle/shape, the more I suffer. Also, I ordered a couple Scott Robertson books. This whole improvement shit is about getting better technically, nothing more technical than rendering and perspective.  I also looked at a couple videos of the Riley Head construction, I’m interested. 


One of those nights where you suck so bad you start re-evaluating everything. This first study was rough goings. I think the main  issue is I’m tackling too much stuff at once, if i’m gonna study hair, fuck trying to draw faces, and if I’m studying hair, take it one step at a time, forget value and lighting and focus on form and shapes. THe second study was much more successful. Still gotta problem with being lazy.  Well, with tonight being so tough, at least I’m tackling areas I clearly suck at. 

Edit: this didn’t get published last night I guess.