11/27/2018 Studies: A face and a Pose

Tonight’s studies. Lesson of the night: slow the fuck down. Right now, I don’t need to worry about doing a ton of studies that I don’t learn a lot from but take things slowly and absorb as much as I can from the reference/study.   

My most successful face to date. I think the one done without any reference competes, maybe even looks better than the study. The eyes are getting closer to where I want them to be. Still gotta work on the lips/jaw/brow. But I’m happy with this lol, rather than spending 25 min on each, I spent an hour or so on each, really tried to analyse the decisions being made. 

A pose/anatomy/gesture study. The one done without reference came out alright. I need to study:

-rotation of the torso and hips
-rib  cage and pelvis. 

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