Well said words

After Sunday night’s studies, I was pretty tuckered out and browsed /IC before bed. Not too interested in doing animation(but I do love 2D animation) and came across Richard Williams’ Animator’s Survival Kit. 

He provides many insights he’s gained from his experience in training and work in just the opening chapter. I thought I’d post this bit from an interaction he had with Milt Kahl which really gave me a boost in my pursuit of competency in drawing fundamentals and provided a bit more clarification on what I want out of this whole art thing. To be a good enough draftsman to a point where the drawing isn’t the difficult part, but expression and design is the goal. 

I’m not going pretending that this particular advice or conclusion is unique or hasn’t been repeated many times by many different artists or that I haven’t head some form of this wisdom before. It’s just put very succinctly by such an incredibly skilled artist that it really took to me. In fact it kept me up practically all night looking up some of the artists he encountered. John Watkiss’ anatomy skills and visdev work on Tarzan is fucking crazy good. Yeesh.

I might post more of these from time to time.

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