I Am Struggling

Last week I mentioned that I might juggle anatomy/perspective practice through the week. That didn’t work out, it’s been all perspective practice and it is has been BAAAAAAAD.

Nothing I’ve drawn has exposed my terrible draftsmanship more than perspective. It makes me feel so stupid. How could I ever have hoped to master something as complex as the human form if I can’t construct simple shapes in perspective? smh.

New plan, try to get my head around linear perspective and all the basic construction techniques. I’m juggling a few different books: Framed Perspective, Perspective Made Easy, Perspective Drawing Handbook and another one I can’t remember. It’s obvious I won’t be getting the most out of learning anything regarding figures until I figure this shit out.

One thing that came to mind late this evening is that I should be reading the theory first before drawing. Maybe trying to do both at the same time is fucking me over? I’ll test this out tomorrow by reading the chapters of whatever book I’ll be studying from during any free moments in the work day.

This week’s trash:

One thought on “I Am Struggling

  1. I struggle with perspective. 😦 I’ve read and studied some of the books you’ve mentioned, and oh, how I wish my perspective drawings looked as good as yours! I don’t have much patience, am clumsy and awkward with drawing implements such as rulers and T-squares, and will probably never be good at perspective. I keep trying. Looks to me like you’re succeeding more than failing. I wish I could say the same… but back to the drawing board for me.


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